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Artist TMJ’s music comes from life itself, emotions and even dreams. At age 14 he transformed those feeling and thoughts into lyrics. His childhood growing up in east Baltimore provided him with more than enough inspiration. Like many young men in Baltimore he unfortunately found himself in the streets but his love for music always kept him going. As a child his favorite groups were, The Supremes, The Four Tops and Earth Wind and Fire. While most were listening to N.W.A his radio was tuned to songs like “Stand by Me” and Duke of Earl.” This MC didn’t truly fall in love with hip hop until he heard the melodic sounds and lyrics of Wu Tang, Pac, Biggie and Nas.


It is that love for hip hop that inspired his desire to combine the sounds of old school R&B with the raw emotion of hip hop in the 90s. This led him to form the group K.O.P as a teen. He would then go on to also join with other groups and duos. In 2009 he decided to pursue his solo career and founded Sound Empire Entertainment, LLC. He released his first mixtape Tyrell Money J and His Amazing Friends with positive reviews from fans. It featured songs such as “Liquid Windows”, a song that gives fans a glimpse into his childhood dealing with his father’s abusiveness and its affect on him and his brother’s relationship.


TMJ is currently working with producer Brandon “BJR” Randolph on his next album set to be released in 2015. This album will give fans a new sound but still maintain that raw emotion and storytelling that he is always able to deliver. One of the albums cuts, “Have Mercy” features NAACP Award winning author Sheri Booker.  With this album and others TMJ will continue to provide his fans with the soundtrack to their moments of pain, pleasure and triumph.


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